Welcome to Wompkee Wood


welcome to wompkee wood


The first book in The Wompkees Childrens Book Series by author Con Fullam

Enter the amazing world where Wompkees play, children learn, and fun stuff happens!

Teaches valuable lessons in kindness, understanding and team work.

The Wompkees are furry, big eared elfin-like creatures that have the ability to communicate with all the beings and animals in the world. Each Wompkee represents a different set of personality traits; no two are alike. They reside in the magical Wompkee Wood, eating Wompberries, and having adventures. As positive role models, children and parents can relate to and see themselves through one or more of the Wompkees. Curious and adventurous, the Wompkees are often faced with a situation that requires teamwork and brave action to save the day. Using their special ability to communicate with all creatures, the Wompkees teach us that through the power of using our words and our hearts, we can solve many of our problems.

The first book in The Wompkees’ Series, “Welcome to Wompkee Wood,” introduces us to the amazing world of Wompkee Wood, where Wompkees play and children learn. Join Twig, Buster, Gran, Scout, Hummer and Daisy.

“My wife Maura and I have been awaiting this day for a very long time and we are thrilled to have found a company like Red Sky Presents that shares our commitment to children and our belief that, given the opportunity, our furry little friends will warm the hearts and brighten the souls of all who experience the magic of Wompkee Wood.”- Con Fullam

“We are pleased to present such sweet and positive role models for kids. The Wompkees are

curious and adventurous (and sometimes mischievous), but also kind and understanding. They have big hearts and work together to solve problems. They are perfect role models for teaching kids valuable lessons in kindness, understanding and team work.” said Micky Hyman, Red Sky Presents’ Publisher.

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