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David Saperstein is the author of the novel Cocoon, a New York TimesBestseller and Academy Award-winning film. In addition to the Cocoon trilogy and The Evil on Earth series, his novels include Fatal Reunion; A Christmas Visitor (for which he also wrote the Hallmark TV film), A Christmas Passageand A Christmas Gift. An early proponent of e-books, his novel Dark Again was the first full novel available via the Internet.

A writer, director and producer for documentaries, feature films, TV series and specials, music videos and television commercials, he has also taught film at New York University Tisch School, written the lyrics for more than 80 published songs, and written the librettos for three musicals. He is a graduate of the Bronx High School of Science, City College of New York (CCNY) Film Institute and served in the U.S. Army.

                                           Green Devil: The Book of Belial     Red Devil: The Book of Satan


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