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Mommy Brings Home the Bacon

Mommy Brings Home the Bacon


by Nikki Mark

Mommy Brings Home the Bacon is a heartwarming story about a young boy who wants to know why his working mom can only stay home and play with him on weekends. Told from a young boy’s perspective, the whimsical story reflects a child’s imaginative interpretation of why his mommy and other mommies (including his teachers and babysitters) go to work and what they do while they’re there. Bringing simplicity and lightheartedness to an emotional topic, Mommy Brings Home the Bacon helps children appreciate their working mother, while simultaneously easing the minds of moms who balance the responsibilities of supporting their household while raising the children they love. Mommy Brings Home the Bacon, is the first book in Nikki Mark’sMightyMom series.

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