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Mirror Mirror

The Fat Fairy Tales: Mirror Mirror, romance book


by Katherine Noll

She has skin as white as snow, lips red as a rose, and hair black as ebony. She’s also got curves that go on forever! But after years of being bullied and shamed about her weight, Neve Bianca can’t see her own beauty. When she uncovers illegal activities her stepmother is engaged in, an attempt is made on Neve’s life. Forced to flee, she ends up hiding out on a touring musical festival. There she makes a new friend, Lindsey, a little person who is full of self-confidence. To pay her way, Neve ends up working for the tour’s burlesque show, something that takes her way out of her comfort zone. Her new friendship, sizzling onstage act, and the attention of several very handsome men force Neve to reexamine everything she ever thought about herself. Will this modern-day, full-figured “princess” live happily ever after?

Book One of The Fat Fairy Tales series.

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