Little Suzy’s Zoo: Witzy’s Opposites

First-Time-Ever Storybook and Digital Versions of a Perennial Little Suzy’s Zoo Classics: Witzy’s Opposites by author Suzy Spafford

Colorful and Fun Lessons for Pre-Schoolers from Witzy the Fluffy Duckling

Witzy’s Opposites

witzy's opposites


Witzy and his friends, are learning all about opposites. They are having fun coming up with all different kinds of opposite words. Can you add some more?

“I am very pleased that Red Sky has made Witzy and his friends available to children right on their tablets!” says Suzy’s Zoo creator, Suzy Spafford.

“We are delighted to announce the release of three timeless learning classics from the hugely successful Little Suzy’s Zoo franchise. For the first time ever, these extremely popular boardbooks will be available in both storybook versions and digital formats.” said Micky Hyman, Red Sky Presents’ publisher.

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