Jean Marie Wiesen

Jean Marie Wiesen

Jean Marie Wiesen, Author

Jean Marie Wiesen is the author of “Case of the Missing Look-Alikes”. This is Laura Jensen’s major test as a Private Investigator as she teams with an old family friend, Mike O’Malley, a retired cop. In the worst case the small town of Soundview, Connecticut has ever witnessed, Laura will discover if she’s got the inner fortitude to live out her dream of being an investigator. Did graduating from a fancy New York City school with top honors in a criminal justice program prepare her to stand on her own two feet? Will she have to rely on Mike and the Soundview Police Department to survive? Will her best friend Annie, the journalist, be there when she needs her? Possibly, her two new friends, the quirky old woman who lives in the woods, and the young Soundview police officer will teach her the lessons she needs to make it to her next case.

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